Maple syrup goes astray

Veröffentlicht September 3, 2012 von sueromeiser

Bad news for lovers of real maple syrup! I read somewhere in the world that thieves have stolen thousands of liters of maple syrup. How can anyone in their right mind do such a horrific thing so that all the maple syrup lovers of the world could possible not have enough maple syrup for their pancakes or French toast? Bring back that syrup!!!!!

This really makes me feel bad because I love maple syrup and don’t want to do without the real thing. Artificial syrup just doesn’t cut the cake and tastes terrible if you ask me. I wonder what those thieves are going to do with all that syrup. Have a giant pancake party and invite the world or are they planning on doing something else with it???

It’s a really sad day when those things happen were people steel our beloved maple syrup. Why those guys could just tap their own trees in their back yard and make their own syrup? Plus where do you store sooooo much syrup???? I think those jokers should be dunked in the syrup when they are found – you know like you do with a piece of toast; then maybe they wouldn’t do such a dumb thing again??

I can see it now… Ok, I checked my pantry and have enough bottles of syrup for a couple of months, but then I will have to buy some more and if those guys have caused a maple syrup shortage… I can only say that I will be very upset, because pancakes and French toast only taste good with maple syrup on it!!! I hope I don’t start to get nightmares about there not being enough maple syrup this winter and there I will lie in my bed staring at the ceiling in the darkness of my bedroom wondering where has all the syrup gone????

I feel woebegone already and I may have to make a trip to the grocery store later to stock up on my favorite syrup, and the thought of my guy wanting pancakes and his maple syrup isn’t on the table … well, gals you can just image the state that he’ll be in!! Let alone my nerves, and me trying to tell him that there is no more syrup because some jerks stole sooo much of it and that there isn’t any more for this year. I am getting nervous sitting here with maple syrup junky symptoms.

Maybe you thieves read blogs and if you read this one ….. You jerks return the maple syrup that you stole because lots of people like the stuff for breakfast! That’s all I have to say….


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